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September 19, 2014 at 5:35 pm

Untrashables: Nine 3D-Printed Projects Inspired by Trash

Untrashables started off one Sunday morning this summer with an empty egg carton we were about to toss discard. Just for fun, I challenged the kids to think about something that we could design and 3D print that would untrash it.  Lane came up with the egg design for Eggsactly. We created the eggs and the charms and had a fun family game on our hands. The kids had an advantage because the charms were just so small and hard for dad’s old man eyes to see!

We had so much fun doing it, that we decided to think about other items around the house – a milk carton, wine corks, an empty Altoid tin, for starters – that we might be able to upcycle with some original 3D printed pieces.

This was a really fun collaboration with my 9-year-old daughter. Having access to a 3D printer can be very inspiring, but also rather daunting. What do you make when you can make just about anything? Using trash and other household items as a starting point was a great way to frame the discussion. How do we take something that we are going to throw away and turn it into something else? Rethinking any object is a really fun exercise. When you can add original 3D designs into the mix, the possibilities expand.

We put the projects into a small booklet that we are going to be giving away (or selling for a small amount) at the Maker Faire.  Each of the projects has its own page on Thingiverse.  We have been cranking to get them ready for Maker F

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